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A member of the New Patriotic Party, Osman Kariyamah has commended government for its intension to boast Agriculture and create jobs throught its “Planting for Food and Jobs” programme, but thinks, the programme is been rushed.

According to him, though a laudable programme, it could crash if the rush implementation continues the way it has started.

“Government has four years to implement its development programmes and I don’t see the need to rush this programme. I think this year should be used for the education and registration of the farmers and identifying the problems that may arise. The Ministry of Agriculture should also use this period to address the many existing challengies facing the agric sector, such as the absence of storage facilities and effective distribution of the subsidized fertilizers and other services. If these are done, the farmers and the fields will be ready for effective farming next season.”

Mr. Kariyamah was speaking at Bolgatanga, at the A1 Radio Public Engagement Forum on Government’s One Million Dollar per Constituency.

The Public Forum was meant to generate discussion around the Policy, by experts from various development sectors of the economy.

He believes that, if the citizenry is sensitized well and made to understand why the entire country will have to support the programme, communities and farmers will own the programme and do everything possible to ensure that it succeeds.

If successfully implemented, the “Planting for Food and Jobs” is expected to boast Agriculture and Agri-related jobs for many youth the districts and communities across the country.

Source: a1radioonline.com




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