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NPP has an agenda to rig elections – B T Baba

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The Member of Parliament for the Talensi Constituency, B T Baba has said the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has an agenda to win an election and thinks the presence of Charllote Osei will be a hindrance hence their “Blackmail witch hunting” of the Electoral Commission Chair.

A petition was presented to the President Nana Akufo-Addo on behalf of some faceless staff of the electoral commission for the impeachment of the Electoral Commission Chairperson for some unilateral decisions made and some financial misappropriation at the electoral commission.

Speaking to A1 Radio’s Christopher Asima, the Member of Parliament indicated that “the NPP has an agenda and the presence of Charllote Osei will be a hindrance, reason why they want her out. They know that if she is there, she will not kotow to them but insist that the right thing is done hence reason why they are doing all in their power to take her out of the office so that the nest EC chair will be at the beck and call of the President”.

“The petition which was presented to the President was not presented by an association of workers but individual workers who want the Electoral Commission Chair out so their names need to be out so that we can know them,” he told host of A1 Radio.

He said until the names of the faceless staff of the commission are made public, the Minority in Parliament will continue to stand by its claims that it is just a move by the NPP to remove the Electoral Commissioner in order to satisfy their parochial interest.


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