I stopped producing sountracks for Kumawood movies because it was destroying my brand

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Musician, Odehyieba has said he has stopped producing movie sound tracks for Kumawood movies because movies produced currently are of low quality.

According to him, he produces movie sound tracks with the intention of including the songs in his album so he will not settle for just anything like the current crop of music producers in the Kumawood movie industry do.

“I have stopped recording sound tracks for movies produced in Kumasi because most of the movies produced in Kumawood are substandard and producing sound tracks for them will affect my brand as a musician. Some producers come and ask me to produce the songs but you will ask for the title and they will be like “Kwadwo ne ne yere” 1&2 which certainly won’t be a good movie”.

On whether Ghana has a Music Industry, he said he does not know of any music industry because musicians have to force their way out in order to make it in life.




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