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Only a fool will personalize the supposed ‘beef’ between Ghana and Nigeria – Reggie Rockstone

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Rapper and the Grandpapa of Hiplife music in Ghana, Reggie Rockstone has said it is only a fool who will personalize the supposed ongoing ‘beef’ between Shatta Wale and some Nigerian artistes.

According to him, the supposed friction created between Shatta Wale and the other artistes is just for showbiz purposes and that there is nothing personal attached like the fans make people believe on social media.

Speaking to A1 Radio’s Kofi Asante, he indicated that his worry emanates from the fact that as these fans paint the picture of a war between the artistes in question on social media,  some naive individual may take it personal  and start some attacks in both countries and that will not be good for the relationship between the two countries.

He used the opportunity to call on the followers of these artistes to put an end to the fanaticism and focus on making their artistes better in the country.



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