Aspiring NPP regional organizer hints of introducing new organizational reforms

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An aspiring Upper East Regional organizer of the New Patriotic Party, Yaw Mort says if he is elected, he intends to introduce some organizational reforms to make the party attractive and formidable ahead of the 2020 general elections.

The one time regional organizer tells A1 Radio he has been tried and tested and will bring to bear, his experience as a former regional organizer and also introduce new ideas.

According to Mr. Mort, he has remained committed to the NPP since 1992 and has rich experience from working with the grassroots.

“I have been tried and tested and as am coming back, am coming back with new innovations, new energy, new style of organizations and new way of organizing the region. The old methods are there, we will continue with them. But i am coming back with different style of organizations that will benefit of a lot to ensure victory in 2020. I will ensure lot of training at the regional constituencies, electoral area coordinators and polling station level”.

He says there will be no logistical challenges under his watch in running the affairs of the party in the region.

“And what will happen is that, after the training, throughout our period of administration, elections will be won easily, you saw what happen in 2012, we won the election but they stole the election and went to court and the next round in 2016 we worked very hard and won, I congratulate all Ghanaians by take such wonderful decision of change. But I think we really have a lot of work to do in 2020, the work we need to do, is to ensure that there is victory for us in 2020 again because, it will be suicidal on our path that we become reluctant and lose 2020 election for NDC to send us back again. We must continue to rule this country”. He said

He further cited examples on some of his initiative during his position as the regional organizer in 2012.

“Like I was saying in 2012, when I was the regional organizer, as part of my organizations i brought in a lot of logistics and when i talked about logistics, is about motorbike and vehicle. In each constituency, not less than about 20, 24 to 27 motorbikes and plus pickups were given to the constituencies, this is about organization, you cannot be doing organization without logistics and this is how am going to repeat it again, now that we are even in government, I will task every appointee to ensure that all these thing are met in this region for a smooth organization. I will also ensure that traveling to our delegate’s conferences in other regions there will be no difficulty. Because when I was the regional organizer we have good buses to travel with, this time around it was hell travelling, because at a certain point, the bus had to break down on way and putting party members in a struggling mood while traveling which was not the best”.

However, he said being a candidate who has been tried and tested as former regional organizer in 2012, he is most confident that the delegates will give him the nod to enable him introduce his new organizational ideas, which he thinks will enable the party improve on its performance in the region come  2020.

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