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Washing your vagina with chemicals will kill natural vaginal “soldiers”- Public Health Nurse cautions women

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A Public Health Nurse with the Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) Unit of the Bolgatanga Regional Hospital, Gifty Damsongo, has cautioned women against washing their vaginas with anything other than clean water.

According to her, the instances where women use all forms of “chemicals” to wash their private parts with hopes of achieving total cleanliness rather cause the killing of the bacteria that is naturally deposited in the vagina to guard against infections.

Gifty Damsongo stated that the practice which is popular among women is dangerous and has the tendency of causing cancer of the Cervix.

“Least I forget, another bad practice that is harmful to the vagina and can cause serious problems for the cervix is when women wash their vaginas with all sorts of chemicals. These chemicals kill the vaginal soldiers that have been naturally put there by God”.

Giving some education on the causes, prevention and possible treatment of the worrying cancer disease on Day break Upper East on A1 Radio Friday, Gifty Damsongo, urged women to cultivate the habit of good hygiene and desist from using chemicals in maintaining vaginal cleanliness.

In the interview, the public health nurse revealed that one case of cervical cancer in its early development stage has been detected out of a total over 120 screenings.

She advised women to go for regular checkups in order to detect early signs of the disease for proper treatment. She announced that the Bolgatanga Regional Hospital has rolled out a free screening program to assist women establish their status.

A1 Radio News||Ghana

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