Bolgatanga: NADMO demands stoppage of works on new filling station

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The National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) is strongly demanding works on the construction of a new filling station in the Bolgatanga municipality be halted to avoid possible disaster.
The supposed filling station is located opposite the high court near the junior staff quarters on the Bolgatanga-Navrongo dual carriage road.
According to Deputy Upper East Regional Director of NADMO, Agambila Nyaaba, the location of the filling station poses danger to lives and properties.
“You saw it yourself that there is a filling station that is springing up opposite the high court. There is one too at Soe. It is also in a residential area and it is very dangerous to human lives” he said.
Mr. Agambila says his outfit had made efforts to stop it and other stations from being constructed but their efforts proved futile.
“We send the municipal NADMO officer to go and talk to Soe one when they were about to construct but before we say Jack permission was given and that explains the reason why there is that filling station at Soe. And now look at this very one opposite the High Court”
The deputy regional director of NADMO is therefore calling on the Regional Coordinating Council and the Bolgatanga municipal assembly to stop the project from further construction to avert possible loss of lives and property in future.
“It is the Regional Minister who has the powers to stop anything anywhere in the region and it is the Municipal Chief Executive who has the right and responsibility to stop the development of that filling station” he said
 By: Joshua Asaah||101.1Mhz



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