Is Kafui Dey missing his days on “Who Wants To Be Rich” Show ?

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Professional Master of Ceremonies (MC) and Radio and Television Host, Kafui Dey says, his decision to apply for the job of the host of the TV Show, “Who Wants To Be Rich?” was a bold step he took.
That decision seem to be the highest on his list, as that surfaced on his latest tweet as he connected with the hashtag #ABoldStep.
“I remember #ABoldStep I took when I decided to apply for the job of host of the TV show Who Wants To Be Rich?” Kafui Dey’s tweet.
Contrary to claims that, the “money show” Host was sympathetic toward guests on the hot seat and was always in pain, especially when guests lost all the gains, due to a wrong answer, Kafui Dey tweeted that, “it was a great fun”.
It’s been a long time since the Programme went off Television screens, but Kafui Dey looks forward to a possible return of the Programme, but failed to say, if he wishes to host it when it returns to the TV screens.
“Who Wants to Be Rich?” was a TV game show based on the original British format of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”. The goal of the TV game show, was for a guest to win as much as GHc50,000.00 by answering 15 multiple-choice questions correctly. There were three lifelines available to a guest – (50-50, Phone-a-Friend and Ask the Audience).
Eight people contested in the first round of the game, dubbed ‘ the Fastest Finger” and the winner of this round, moves to the hot seat to face Kafui Dey, for “grilling”.
“Who Wants to Be Rich?” first appeared on Ghanaian Television screens in October 2009.
In the event that, the TV Game Show returns, it is likely to attract more participation applications than any other show on Ghanaian TV screens, especially as many Ghanaian youth have become used to making money through luck and taking instant chances.
Meanwhile Kafui Dey is no longer with Starr FM, where he was the morning show host.|101.1FM|Ghana



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