Project Coordinator of INTYON, Timothy Aposiyine Nsoh, interacting with participants

As part of measures to aid Ghana achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 3, women in the Upper East Region have realized the importance of exclusively breastfeeding their children in the first 6 months of birth.

The SDG 3 seeks to provide good health and wellbeing of Ghanaians by 2030. By way of achieving this goal, women in the region believe children from the 6 month of birth if exclusively breastfed will save them from preventable illnesses while ensuring good health as they grow into adults.

Rose Adongo, a mother from Bongo district stated: “My second child was not falling sick unlike the first child because I didn’t practiced exclusive breastfeeding during the 6 months of my first child.”

Another woman, Monica Akolgnuuse said: “Exclusive breastfeeding is good because it makes the child looks healthy and such a child will grow to understand things in class easy than the one that was not breastfed exclusively.”

Integrated Youth Needs and Welfare (INTYON) with funding supporting from UNICEF has been championing the promotion of exclusive breastfeed in deprived areas in the Upper East Region.

The NGO, through its Mother-Baby Friendly Health Facility Initiative (MBHI) has engaged communities and health workers to improve health care delivery in the region. Project Coordinator of INTYON, Timothy Aposiyine Nsoh, at the end of a project which saw 28 communities in Bongo district benefiting from the project, is confident the country’s quest to achieving SDG 3 can be achieved if women practice exclusive breastfeeding.

“In a long run, we are building many people who will be resistant to common diseases like malaria and diarrhea that disturbs us from achieving good health in our communities, so it is a way of achieving the agenda 2030.” He stressed.

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