Hon. Mutawakilu Adams- MP for Damongo

Minority in Parliament says it will not organize nationwide demonstrations against government, over high fuel prices, rather, it will organize nationwide sensitizations fora to get Ghanaians to understand the need for the Government to scrap the Special Petroleum Levy.

The Minority Spokesperson on Mines and Energy and Member of Parliament for Damongo, Hon. Mutawakilu Adams, has noted that, the presence of the Special Petroleum Levy (which was 17.5 and now 15.5 %) in the calculation of the prices of Petroleum products, is contributing to the high cost of Petrol in the country.

“… this is what we need to explain to Ghanaians. You cannot get the people to join you to demonstrate, if they don’t understand the issues. So we will sensitize them on why the Special Petroleum Levy was introduced and what it has achieved and why it must be scrapped.” He noted.

According to Hon. Mutawakilu Adams, the Special Petroleum Levy is no longer useful to the sector and therefore should not be maintained.

The Damongo MP was speaking on A1 Radio’s Day Break Upper East Programme on Thursday, September 20 in reaction to the effects of the increased Petroleum prices across the country.

Hon. Mutawakilu Adams believes that, the price of petrol can be reduced by a 10 percent margin if the Special Petroleum Levy is taken out and wants government to do that.

Meanwhile, a Member of the New Patriotic Party’s Communication Team in the Upper East Region, Alhaji Abu, has described the Minortiy’s position on the Special Petroleum Levy as unfortunate, saying, it is a blatant display of hypocrisy.

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“You are the same people on the neck of government to provide development projects and infrastructure and you want the Petroleum Levy removed. Where do you want government to get money from, to provide the things you are asking for.” Alhaji Abu noted.

Source: a1radioonline.com/A1-Radio 101.1MHz/Ghana




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