Traditional Pottery makers in the Bolgatanga Municipality of the Upper East Region are accusing the Christian fraternity for “collapsing” their businesses.

The Pottery makers, say many Pastors and church leaders in the region have over the years misled their followers/members to see the Traditional methods of praying as evil and must not be practiced, thereby causing their members to shun the traditional customs and practices and also discourage others from practicing, which directly is collapsing their businesses.

Speaking to A1 Radio, in Bolgatanga, the Traditional Pottery Makers claimed that, the only way the pottery making business can be revived is when traditional methods and practices among the elderly and youth are restored in the society.

“The traditionalists used to buy our pots for their daily dealings. Sometimes, they will buy these pots in different shapes and types to perform various rites which include all rites from birth to death. Sincerely speaking, our modern day of life is no more life, how can you call this life, when Pastors have misled our children and grandchildren not to follow or practice our tradition. Look at how we portray our funeral rites nowadays; we prefer to cook rice and Spaghetti to perform the passage rites instead of the old funeral rites.” A member said.

Whiles expressing their displeasure against Pastors and the Christian fraternity, they called on the government to put measures that will prevent the importation of some of the plastic products into the country, so as to get people using pottery products.

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“If there are scarcities of some of these plastics products in the country, people will be interested in using pottery products for domestic uses. Also, we appeal to all and sundry to change their mentalities about the bad perception of our traditional customs and practices.” They suggested.

Source: | 101.1 MHz | Moses Apiah




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