It’s been widely said and believed that, “Music is life and when it hits you, one does not feel pain”, indeed so, Music can perhaps contribute to shaping lives for better or worse.

Some Musicians and their songs have been referred to as inspirationnal, full of good messages that give hope to the hopeless and strenght to the weak. Same ways others have been ruled out, because they and their songs are not considered usefull to society.

From afar, one will not think of the American rapper, singer, and songwriter, whose real name is Willie Maxwell II, aka Fetty Wap, as an inspiration artiste, let alone be an inspiration to children.

If you’ve been thinking that Fetty Wap was not inspirational, pause a while, because, you will be making a mistake. Some one has found inspiration in him.

A mother, Brenda Vaden from Colorado on her Instagram page has something to prove how inspirational the American Rapper, Fetty Wap has been to her son, Jayden.

“Today I am forever thankful to a young man named Willie Maxwell aka Fetty Wap. He unknowingly gave my son, Jayden something that I as his mother couldn’t give to him; – the confidence to be different. This confidence was brought upon by Jayden’s love of the “My Way” rapper.” She said on her Instagram handle.

According to Brenda Vaden, her son, Jayden was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma at the time he was just 1 year. Jayden underwent eye removal surgery shortly after and has since worn a prosthetic eye (to make him look normal to the public).

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Losing an eye at a young age, is something he has in common with the American Rapper, Fetty Wap. The Rapper decided not to wear artificial eye, like Jayden did, at age 1; he has presented his eye the way it is, to the public, as a Celebrity.

This act is what prompted Jayden, to also venture to face the world without his prosthetic eye (artificial eye).

His mother, Brenda Vaden has profusely thanked the Rapper, Fetty Wap for daring to be different and influencing her son, Jayden to do the same.

Brenda Vaden has assured the Rapper that, as a sign of gratitude, she will be purchasing Fetty Wap’s albums, as her small way of thanking the artiste for changing Jayden’s life forever.

source: | 101.1 MHz | Moses Apiah




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