Founder and Head Pastor of the True Word Fire Prophetic Ministry, Prophet Nigel Gaisie says the building of a National Cathedral in Ghana, is good for the country, but thinks the timing of the construction is wrong.

He has not said why the timing is wrong even though he believes strongly that, the National Cathedral is a good thing and will attract blessings and forgiveness from God almighty.

His high rating for the construction of a National Cathedral at a time a leading member of the Convention People’s Party, Kwabena Bonfeh aka Kabila is in Court contesting the involvement of the Government in the construction of a National Cathedral.

The wrong timing claim by Prophet Nigel Gaisie has been interpreted to mean that, the National Cathedral was supposed to have been built earlier under the last NDC regime or should be built by the NDC, the next time the Party comes to power.

People making this interpretation may not be so far from wrong, especially, when the Prophet sounded as though he was subtly calling on the NDC to “wake up”, take up what looks like a spiritual mandate be accomplished by the Party.

He was not direct in his statement, but he seem to be urging the NDC not to sit and watch the NPP government to build the National Cathedral, saying, whoever builds a Cathedral will be blessed and have his or her sins forgiven by God.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie is know for his wild prophesies, including one that concerned the life of late Musician, Ebony.

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He has predicted victory for the National Democratic Congress in 2020, but insisted that, that can only be achieved if the Party presents former President John Mahama.

The True Word Fire Prophetic Ministry is currently on a 14 Higher Life Conference, under the theme “When your Battle is from Home” Jeremiah 5:26.

Source: I 101.1MHz I Ghana




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