The Special Mobilization Task Force under the Ghana Revenue Authority has begun ousting goods without the Excise Tax Stamp from the Ghanaian markets, and has a warned the general public to desist from buying products without the stamp.

The Excise Tax Stamp which is designed with special and security features to affix on excisable goods to show that, taxes and duties have been paid either from the local manufacturer’s level or the importer’s level, into country, has started effective operations on November 5, 2018, in the Upper East Region.

Speaking on Reporter’s Visit, a program on A1 Radio, on Tuesday 6 November, 2018, a Senior Revenue Office of the Task Force, Ekow Ampah, explained why it is important for every product found in the Ghanaian markets to be registered for the Excise Tax Stamp.

“The Stamp is designed to control and manage the importation and local production of excisable goods for revenue purposes which will directly help us to check the illicit trading, smuggling and counterfeiting of excisable products.

Also, it will give us an opportunity to check under- declaration of goods, and the issues of protection and increasing of tax revenue will be achieved.” He said.

Whiles focusing much on the need for customers not to purchase goods without the tax stamp, Mr.Ampah pointed out the particular products that should have the tax stamps in the Ghanaian markets.

For now, the Ministry of Finances has named products like cigarettes and other tobacco related products, alcoholic beverages whether bottled, canned, contained in kegs or packaged in any form, and Non-Alcoholic carbonated beverages including bottled water.” He said.

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He assured both local and foreign manufacturers that the tax stamp is for free, and can be getting from their website, and cautioned that if anyone refused to follow dew process to get the tax stamp on their products after three months; will be accountable to the confiscations of the products, and shall be fine not exceeding three hundred percent of the duty involved or a term of imprisonment of not more than five years or both.

Source: | 101.1 MHz | Moses Apiah




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