An Aspiring Youth Organizer for the New Patriotic Party in the North East, Adam Abdul Bashiru region has charged the youth front in the region to conquer the six constituencies in the area during the 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary election for the party.

Mr. Adam Abdul Bashiru said the party is yet to elect its executives and must work to consolidate the gains made by President Nana Akufo Addo, with the creation of the region and the implementation of pro-poor policies, by voting massively to secure his second term government.

He mentioned that the Akufo-Bawumia led government has fulfilled 60 percent of its 2016 campaign promises, adding that, though the opposition National Democratic Congress left the Ghanaian economy in bizarre state.

Mr. Adam Abdul Bashiru promised to empower the youth if given the mandate in the upcoming North East Regional elections on May 18. He noted that the area needs a lobbyist as a leader of the youth in order to find job opportunities and also secure educational scholarships for them.

He stated that in order to enhance the image of the New Patriotic Party in the region, he noted that there is the need to construct party offices for all six constituencies. He noted this will uplift the face of the party and ensure party affairs are administered smoothly.

He disclosed that as part of efforts to develop the area, he (Adam Abdul Bashiru) has secured funding from an Arabian institution to build one hundred mosques across the North East region.

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Source: | Mohammed Gadafi | Ghana




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