It has come to our notice a desperate attempt by the NPP in Builsa South to latch on the absence of the hon. MP from the constituency for good reasons to achieve cheap political points. The communique released by the communication directorate of NPP Builsa South reveals the paucity of finesse within the NPP. The claims made in the communique are deceitful, false and cooked under a dilapidating kitchen of falsehood and served on a cracked plate of malicious character assassination.

It is very sad that the party (NPP) which claim to have the men are swimming in the pool of ignorance and political propaganda with regards to the fight against the deadly corona virus.

To begin with, it’s disheartening to see a party whose head has called for depoliticization of the fight of this covid-19 has defied the orders of their leader and engaged in petty propaganda to gain cheap political points.

For the records, Hon Dr Clement Apaak, was the first MP in the upper east region to have put in an intervention in the fight against corona virus, ever since Ghana recorded its first case in March.

The MP was also the first person to reach out to the health directorate to complement their efforts in serving the good people of Builsa South.

The NPP in Builsa South wants to divert the attention of the general public from the huge sacrifices of the MP behind the cameras in this difficult times.

They are also trying to divert the attention of the people from the fact that government has not yet donated anything to the Builsa south health directorate to help them combat any case.

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The items the NPP in their release claimed where donation from the NDC constituency chairman was inaccurate and a complete fabrication associated to only people who are myopically minded and ignorant who will think that, the MP sent his personal aide and his driver just to come all the way from Accra just to come and witness the party chairman donating things from his personal resources.

I want to state it clearly that , the Hon. Dr. Clement Apaak purchased the things in consultation with the District Health director, the MP is in constant contact with the District Health director.

The MP is committed to the fight against corona virus in his constituency, region, the country Ghana and the world at large. And that’s is why the MP is strongly advocating that, *MPs should take corona virus test before going to their constituencies as one of the best way to avoid the spread

The hon MP lives in Accra which is a high risk area and have recorded the highest numbers of postive cases in Ghana.
The MP as the representative of the people in parliament, had always attended parliamentary sittings prior to its suspension.

The Hon Dr Clement Apaak speaking to A1 radio a day before suspension of parliament, the MP did indicate that , He love his people and that you can’t use your eyes to determine who is postive and who is negative, and that after parliamentary sittings, He will go for two weeks self quarantine before visiting his people and not to risk them should he be postive

The MP is in constant contact with the DCE who is also the Chair of the convid -19 of the Builsa south team.

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The NPP in Builsa South is worried of the inability of their parliamentary candidate to match the good works of the MP for Builsa South and the NDC parliamentary candidate.

*In order for the NPP in Builsa South to get a cover up for the NPP candidate, who has defrauded people of huge sums of money hence his inability to damage is to tag the MP who has won the admirations of the people with his good intervension during this trying moments

The NPP in Builsa South is hiding from the many people of Builsa South who are asking of the contribution of the DCE and his party within Builsa South.
Dr Clement Apaak is focused and he is committed to the fight against the deadly corona virus.

He has contributed and He is still contributing to help the people and to ensuring that no native of Builsa South will come into contact with the virus.

In conclusion, the Hon. Apaak remains committed to the fight against this deadly pandemic and will not bat an eyelid. He’s ever ready and willing to complement the efforts of the district health directorate to prevent the virus from infecting his constituents and contributing selflessly to take take the country out of the doldrums of covid-19.

Samson Samari Eliasu




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