I created NPP with my cash in Nabdam-Boniface Gambil brags


Parliamentary Candidate for the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Nabdam of the Upper East Region, Boniface Gambil has claimed credit for the political fortunes of the party in the constituency.

Mr. Gambil brags that had it not been his personal resources he invested in the party, there would not have been any existence of NPP in the constituency.

According to him,the level of commitment he and his family coupled with friends made to establish the NPP and make it look attractive was immeasurable a reason, the party has now been able to gain grounds and rob shoulders with the NDC in elections.

The former MP who is seeking a tenure in office in the upcoming elections was responding to comments made against him by the incumbent MP , Dr. Kurt Nawane on A1 Radio that,he Boniface Gambil was wrecking the party for his personal gains.

Dr. Nawane accused the NPP Candidate of a distraction agenda he is embarking not only against him,but his own party members,hence any confusion within the party and the constituency is instigated by him.

But Mr. Gambil said the assertions by the MP were his own imagination.

“If you go to Nabdam,there was no NPP in Nabdam as far as 2000 elections were concerned.even in 1996. I went with my money resources and built NPP in Nabdam since 1998. I built NPP with my money, with my resources, with my family resources,vehicles which even came and were crushed . Physical money from my family and friends to build and establish NPP. We didn’t come to join NPP ,I created NPP in Nabdam” he said.

Since the yanking of Nabdam from the Talensi Constituency, the seat has been a safe haven for the NDC until 2012, it was lost to Boniface Gambil of the NPP but recaptured in 2016 by the NDC with Dr. Kurt Nawane the MP.



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