My allegiance to Nayiri is unshaken,ignore the false publications-Tongraan


Paramount Chief for Talensi Traditional Area in the Upper East Region, Naba Kugbilsung-Nablegtang has refuted media reports about a seeming misunderstanding between him and the Overlord of Mamprugu Kingdom,Naa Bohagu Abdulai Mahami Sheriga.

There haven been reports that suggest that the Tongraan has incurred the wrath of his Overlord in Mumprugu for allegedly over exercising his powers and attempting to go beyond his boundaries without recourse to tradition.

But in a statement issued by the Talensi Traditional Council and copied A1 News, the Tongraan described the report as frivolous with an intention to create a feud between him and Nayiri. He therefore called on the public to disregard such report and cautioned against the churning out of unverified information.

Below is the full statement issued by the Talensi Traditional Council;


4th May, 2020

The Tongraan’s attention and that of the Talensi Traditional Council has been drawn to a publication on Starr FM’s website, dated  the 29th April, 2020 with the title “your misinformation likely to mislead the public” – Nayiri warns Tongraan; This was filed by one Edward Adeti Loye also known as Adeti, the Nigerian reporter.

In the publication which is rather a fabrication, the writer strenuously tries to create the impression that there is some feud between the Tongraan and the Overlord of Mampurugu, Naa Bohagu Abdulai Mahami Sheriga. This is clearly untrue and a misrepresentation of the reality. It had a mischievous intent, full of falsehood and exaggerations intended to inflame passions among Talensis and the Talensi Traditional area.

Before stating the facts, we wish to state without any fear of contradiction that the Tongraan’s strong allegiance and respect to the Nayiri remains untouched and unshaken.

To set the records straight on the issue of Namoaluguskin, three meetings have been held with the Nayiri, the Overlord of Mamprugu with the Tongraan andsome elders of Namoalugu. The yet to be gazetted sub-divisional chief of Namoalugu did not want to pay homage to the Tongraan simply because his installation is performed by a nominated elder of the Nayiri. In all these meetings, the historical outlines of the Tongraan’s skins and those of Namoalugu were duly presented by both parties.

In one of the meetings held on 8th April, 2019, the Nayiri pointed out clearly to the Namoalugu representatives that theirs was a Tindana skin whereas the Tongraan his son. He asked, “Tongraan, how do you want this matter settled. Tell me and I will settle it for you.”  Tongraan responded that he wanted to continue to take care of them (the chief and people of Namoalugu). The Nayire then said again, “Namoalugu people, be patient. Tongraan is my son and a chief and you are my Tindandema…….Tongraan as you said, I have given them to you.” The Nayiri did not mincewords. He was very categorical in letting the Namoalogu elders know that their sub divisional chief is subordinate to the Tongraan and instructed theNamoalugu chief to proceed to apologize to the Tongraan upon return. This was to pave the way for his inclusion into the Talensi Traditional Council for the first time. 

The Namoalugu chief complied and came to the Tongraan on 10th of May 2019 to pay homage as ruled by the Nayire. Upon that visit the Tongraan fined the Namoalugu chief to pay a cow and a ram (for pacification of the gods) and 2000ghc as cost incurred for transporting Tongraan and his elders to Mamprugu.

Namoalugu Chief summoned and fined by Tongraan at his Palace.

The Namoalugu chief accepted and settled the fine after which the pacification was done. Following the payment, the Namoalugu chief was invited by the Enskinment Committee of the Talensi Traditional Council to process his application in accordance with the Chieftaincy Act.

The publication therefore comes as a surprise. The publications of Starr FM have also become very suspicious lately. Just some few weeks ago, they carried a similar baseless story about that same Namoalugu sub divisional chief making some untenable claims to lands that belong to the chief and people of Gbani. At our last meeting with the Nayiri, Edward Adeti Loye was spotted at Nayiri’s palace with the Namoalugu elders/representatives. The Nayiri’s elders’ attention was drawn to his presence. This was to help avoid any misrepresentation as he is known for such acts.

After our deliberations with the Nayire, we still saw him loitering around the palace, apparently waiting for the Namoalugu people. Clearly, there is some conspiracy between the Namoalugu chief, the correspondent of the star FM and some other faceless persons with an aim of creating some unrest in theTalensi Traditional Area and also to create some dislike for the Tongraan among the general public. 

First, the Namoalugu chief must get it clear that he remains an “ungazetted” sub-divisional chief in the paramountcy of the Tongraan. He must therefore tread cautiously so as not to incur similar fines like the one he was slapped with few months ago. Secondly the Starr FM’s correspondent, Edward Adeti Loye must also tread cautiously in his creepy and blackmailing trade. He is only heading into an abyss with these kind of publications.  

We wish to also make it clear to star FM and its correspondent that the Tongraan will not in any way and on any day struggle with the Namoalug naab for space. Tongraan is the Paramount chief of the Talensi Traditional Area and the President of the Talensi Traditional Council. The skins of the Tongraan is a progeny of the Mamprugu kingdom and has over 32 past Tongraanas. History has it that immediately after Tongraan Musuor passed on, his son (Tongraan Shiahik) was enskinned by the Nayire. The Namoalugu skins and that those other settler communities cannot count more than 10 past chiefs (or Tindanas in the case of Namoalugu). It is also on record that the Namoalugu chief was in time past enskinned by the Sheaga chief, a division under the Tongraan.

It is worth noting that Tongraan has over 25 divisional chiefs. The Namoalugu naab is a sub divisional chiefand subordinate to the divisional chiefs under Tongraan’s jurisdiction. Tongraan’s stature therefore remains untouched with the installation of the Namuolog Naab contrary to what the report seeks to portray.

We note with great concern that Edward Adeti Loye has shown some level of disrespect to the Nayiri, and Talensi Traditional Council by failing to crosscheck his information and publishing matters that are sensitive and likely to disturb the peace enjoyed in the area. We wish to strongly caution him to refrain from publishing invented matters relating to the Talensi Traditional Area and the Paramountcy since we are aware of his biased reportage.

                                                                                     Richard Sunday Yinbil​



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