Private legal practitioner, John A. Ndebugri has accused the Electoral Commission of attempts to disenfranchise the people of Timonde in the Bawku West District of Upper East Region.

The Timonde area has been scheduled for the exercise in the first phase which commences Tuesday 30th June.

But a document from EC has the community rescheduled to take place in the exercise in the second phase on August 1 .

It is against this backdrop that Lawyer Ndebugre who is a former Member of Parliament for the Zebilla constituency alleged that the move by the EC will disenfranchise the people of Timonde.

“We have already been informed that we will be starting the registration tomorrow. Our people are waiting for tomorrow and they will go [and] there is no registration. That is an inconvenience. Number 2, August is the month of heaviest rainfall in the North and reports we are having from the metrological services, this year, it will rain ‘cats and dogs’ and so you shift us to August when it will be raining cats and dogs, maybe three days continuously and we will be unable to go out and register”. He said.

Lawyer Ndebugri who expressed these fears during a press briefing held in Bolga ,called on the electoral commission to revert to its earlier decision else ,the community members will “take steps to vindicate” their right.

But the Upper East Regional Director of the Electoral Commission, William Obeng Adarkwa when contacted said,the decision to make the changes was as a result of constrains of supply of kits from China to the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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“I am surprised if somebody should talk about we want to disenfranchise the community. We have made publicity with regards to changes so nobody is hiding anything from anybody. So I am expecting him [Ndebugre] to get in touch with the district officer or come here and I would have taken him through everything for him to understand.

Meanwhile,Mr. Adarkwa while has said that all materials for the registration have been received and personnel trained for the exercise.|Joshua Asaah




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