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Christians are a bunch of hypocrites — Odeefuor Kwabena Asiamah

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The founder and leader of the Ajagurajah Movement in Ghana, Odeefuor Kwabena Asiamah says he is not a Christian but worships God wholeheartedly.

“Christ came to die for Christians. I’m not a Christian but a worshipper of God,” he clarified.

He further explained that Abraham was a worshipper of God but not a Christian. “Because he didn’t know Christ. So can anyone say that Abraham wouldn’t go to heaven because he wasn’t a Christian?”

According to him, the Bible says Abraham is in the blossom of the Lord and King David who also didn’t know Christ.

Speaking to Zion Felix on Asomdwe TVGH monitored on Facebook, he indicated that the richest people in the world are the Jews and apart from them, the Saudis. “They don’t believe in Christ, so what about that, he rhetorically asked. It is not about believing in Christ but your deeds. God will never judge you by your motives but your deeds.”

He continued that, currently in Israel, most people don’t worship Jesus but they are very rich. Referring to Christians, he said they believe in Christ that he is the son of God but they don’t follow his ways because “If you slap me, I shall slap you back. I don’t forgive like that. But, Jesus didn’t teach that.

“Christians are a bunch of hypocrites, I’m not a Christian but a worshipper of God and follow the Mosaic law. I don’t want to be called a hypocrite. God hates hypocrites,” Ajagurajah explained.

He added, “I believe in the law of Moses because it preaches an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. I don’t just forgive like that, those who like forgiving plenty don’t live long”.

He concluded by cautioning people to be careful about being too kind. “Kind people die early but wicked people live longer. Iddi Amin died at 87 but look at the people he killed.”

He added, “Martin Luther King died young so don’t allow someone to kill you believing Jesus would save you.”

Source: Modernghana.com

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