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Ambulance Service commends DBI MP for using V8 to convey 15-year-old pregnant girl

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The Ghana Ambulance Service has heaped praises on the Member of Parliament for the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa (DBI) Constituency, Dr. Sebastian Sandaare for allowing his official vehicle to be used to convey a 15-year-old pregnant girl from the Challa community. The service also commended the MP for deciding to bring his expertise to bear in an effort to save the life of the teenage mother.

The pregnant girl was said to have developed eclampsia, thus the need for the emergency intervention by the MP who is a trained Medical Doctor with decades of professional experience.

Speaking to Samuel Speaking to Samuel Mbura on A1 Radio’s Day Break Upper East (DBUE), the Upper West Regional Manager of the Ambulance Service, Osman Mahamudu explained that but for the intervention of the MP, the girl may have lost her life and or lost the baby.

“It was as a matter of emergency. He is an MP for his area and at the same time a Doctor. The MP was going on his errands when he came across this emergency. The 15-year-old girl had developed eclampsia which is an emergency so delaying can cause a serious challenge. We would have lost the mother, or the baby or both. At that moment, they knew him as an MP and a Doctor and they run to him. He [the MP] realized the emergency situation and attended to them at the health facility, set a line and administered some drugs.”

“Where the ambulance is coming from, it will take more than 15 mins. As a Medical Doctor, he realized that the person is in critical condition, gave first aid and sent them on their way,” he explained.

Mr. Mahamudu dispelled rumours that the ambulance was not available because it was out of shape or had run out of fuel. He said it was only prudent for the MP’s vehicle to meet the ambulance halfway to save the life of the 15-year old girl.

Meanwhile, the Member of Parliament for the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa (DBI) Constituency in the Upper West Region said he has received information that the 15-year old pregnant girl in Challa, who was conveyed by his official Toyota Land Cruiser V8 vehicle, has delivered and is in good health.

He explained that he was pleased to be in a position to help save the life of a pregnant girl. He explained that even more heartwarming is the fact that both mother and baby are in good health and are receiving the best of medical care at the Upper West Regional Hospital.

Dr. Sandaare also gave the assurance that when Parliament resumes, the Select Committee on Health will investigate all cases involving the breakdown, misuse and cases of logistical constraints encountered in the use of ambulances for the transportation patients.

He admitted that no ruling government will be able to definitively address all existing challenges and logistical constraints in the health sector at the community level.

For this reason, Dr. Sandaare has asked community members to begin to reorient themselves to be able to institute measures that will allow them to address some of the most basic challenges they face.

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