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Eazzy and Keitta: We are serious about our relationship

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Eazzy and Keitta
Eazzy and Keitta

Last week Saturday when Eazzy, as co-host of the last Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, introduced Keitta who was scheduled to present an award to a winner as “my man”, there must have been many among the audience who must have exclaimed under their breath, “these two again!”

Since their relationship went public two years ago as housemates in Big Brother Africa, a lot of people have doubted the sustainability of Eazzy and Keitta’s relationship: But following the talk about their age difference the “Go Go Wind” singer says they are very serious and she is looking forward to walk down the aisle with Keitta soon.

Talking to Showbiz last Tuesday, Eazzy who is a year and half older than Keitta said that even though a lot of people have questioned the rationale for being an “item” with Keitta who many regard as too young for her, she doesn’t have a problem with the age difference.

“For me, I don’t think that love is about age but finding that person who will treat you right, you well and make you happy and I have found that in Keitta. Despite his age, he is proven to be a mature person who is also calm, confident and collected and for me, he has shown beyond all doubts through his actions that he possesses the qualities I want in a man and I am looking forward to that day where we will be called husband and wife” she added.

“Most people would go in for a relationship for financial comfort, support and with an aim to benefit materially from that union but I do not have such mindset and maybe, that accounted for my decision to choose Keitta from among the potential competitors and I must say that I have not regretted making that decision.

“When most people got to know that we were going out, they thought it was just going to be a nine day wonder considering what happened after my eviction from the Big Brother House but that never happened and I must admit that, we are proud of what we have achieved in the relationship. We want to be a role model to our fans and let people know that celebrities can also maintain their relationship.

“Yes, we have our differences which is natural in every relationship and even marriages but we have jumped all hurdles that have come our way and despite the circumstances, we will still make it” she added.

She admitted that Keitta has been a force behind her brand as an artiste and has been an inspiration to her music career because he motivates her when the going gets tough sometimes.

Aside her romantic life which is going on well, Eazzy said in relation to her music career, she is set for the release of the video of her new single Scream which is expected to premiere this weekend on Channel O before being aired on local televisions across the country.

Source: grahic showbiz

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