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Stephen Yakubu lied about Regional Airport, Pwalugu Dam – Narrative Changers

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Narrative Changers, a pressure group in the Upper East Region has punched holes in the explanation given by the Upper Regional Minister on the state of the Upper East Airport.

The Upper Regional Minister, Stephen Yakubu in a press engagement yesterday during the State of Upper East Report at the Ministry of Information in Accra, said he is in talks with some 3 private investors for the construction of the airport.

Responding to the issue on Daybreak Upper East show, the Chairman of Narrative Changers Solomon Gbenga questioned what the relevance of the private investors would be to the construction of the airport.

He said, “Upper West Region got their airport, was it a private investor that built it for them? Bono region or so also had an airport, was it a private investor? Why are we doing this to ourselves? As a region we have allowed politics to take the good part of ourselves. You have a government that has come to power, been able to construct this airport and they have done more than 50% of the work and that was state money. The next government is supposed to come and continue. Previous ministers came, because they were not ready and prepared to give us an airport, they started making communities to fight among themselves and that was how they were able to go out four years with resolving it. Which private investor in Ghana will invest in airports ? It’s lies.”

Touching on the Pwalugu Multipurpose Dam, Mr Gbenga said the government only came to cut sod because they were interested in votes and the construction of the Dam.

He said, “the promise was for political gains and they actually got that. The sod cutting, they rushed to cut sod to let us feel that they have invested heavily in northern Ghana ever since from independence up till now no government has be able to invest in the north. Those were just the reasons, just to get our votes and now they have gotten the votes.”

SourceA1Radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Samuel Adagom|Ghana

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