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Bolga MCE recounts meeting dishonest revenue collector pocketing market levies raised

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The Municipal Chief Executive of Bolgatanga, Rex Asanga has described the behaviour of some of the revenue collectors as unfortunate. Mr. Asanga explained that the Assembly’s revenue mobilisation drive has been extremely difficult because they, the revenue collectors,  have not been honest in their dealings.

Speaking on Daybreak Upper East Show, Mr Asanga said some of the revenue collectors do not declare all the money collected from traders.

He said, “our revenue collectors are actually one of our problems because I myself have gone to the market before; the old market where we brought the grain sellers. I go there very often and one day I decided to check and then I called one of the revenue collectors; this was around 4pm and I wanted to see his sales and as at that time he had written everything in his notebook but he had not issued one receipt. He had not issued anything. He had taken the money but he did not issue a receipt. If you go round, that’s what they do.” 

“These basket dealers, the people [revenue collectors] have been there for a very long time. They know the basket dealers. That’s what they do. They[ basket dealers] come with 20 or 30 baskets then, they[ revenue collectors] take one of the tickets out and write at the back the number of baskets you have brought and give to you. You sell and come and pay. Then when you go and sell the 30 baskets, they [revenue collectors] record only one basket in the receipt book and the rest go to their pockets.” 

Mr. Asanga continues to outline the assembly’s plans for 2023. He said the coming year will have lots of developmental projects being carried out under the Social Cohesion (SOCO) programme. 

He said, “the SOCO programme is divided amongst the 48 districts in the 5 Northern regions. Each district will receive your budget in your account depending on your projects. We are going to get about GHS 4m from next year each for the next five years. So we are to put this GHS 4m into a number of projects. The Dorongo dam, we are going to rehabilitate the Dorongo dam. We are going to construct JHSs. There are more than four JHSs that do not have classrooms. We are going to rehabilitate other schools. We are going to use part of it to open up some roads within the municipality. We are going to drill and mechanise six boreholes in six communities for dry season irrigation; Dagmeo, Tindomoligo, Soe, Azeemsum and others.”

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHz| Samuel Adagom|Ghana

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