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‘Rap Naaba’ writes: The broken BONSEC culvert 

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Honestly, I feel morally devastated whenever I see any developmental project in Bongo left deteriorating, ignored, or broken down and no attempt is made to salvage the situation. 

How long will we continue to expose our gross incompetence when it comes to managing our own district?

Currently, Bongo Central is a one-way drive simply because the culvert that joins Bongo Market Road, the Agric Office, the District Assembly, and the Bongo SHS road has been broken since July 2022 and ignored. 

Bongo SHS is disconnected from the Assembly, DHMT, and the Agric Office. A sick student from Bonsec can’t be driven to the district hospital unless the driver drives back to Bongo Market, negotiates a curve to the lorry station, and meanders his way to the hospital.  

Only God knows the fate of such a poor, ailing student before he or she gets to the hospital!  

My questions are, Is the Assembly waiting for the Central Government  to come and reconstruct this culvert? Can’t the Assembly use its internally generated funds to do this work? What of the common fund? Well, too many questions and not enough answers!

Honourable Rita Atanga, this particular culvert is painting a dark picture of the Assembly. Please step out of your office and look at the situation critically. Show the world that what men can do, women can do better. 

I am an advocate of feminism and would be elated to see you prove to the district and the world at large, your immeasurable capabilities. 

It’s a two-minute journey from your office. Please go and check what I’m talking about, and you will be heart-broken. Our member of Parliament, Hon. Edward Bawah, your delegates at “Bantama” in Bongo Central have been cut-off. Please look at the situation. 

What has befuddled me more is the Agricultural Office. A place where experts are put in place, among other things, to train and educate people on soil erosion prevention and measures to curtail same had its office eroded by rain.

The entire office fence has been eroded. 

Did the experts at the Agric Office quickly lose their expertise when they were posted to Bongo or what? Those who are supposed to protect us had their own homes invaded by the oppressor! Who is our Lord?

Ghana is bleeding and in fact, Bongo is in a coma!!!🙏😭

# Fix_ The broken Culvert _now # Bongo deserves better

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Ghana

These are the opinions of the writer, Douglas Azangeo, an advocate based in the Upper East Region.

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