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Pito is healthy & good for your body, but don’t over drink it – Nutritionist

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A Senior Nutritionist with the Catholic Health Services, Paul Akanpanga has said because of the fermentation process pito goes through, it remains a healthy choice of drink for many if taken in moderation. 

When Mr. Akapanga spoke on A1 Radio’s Day Break Upper East Show with Mark Smith, he explained that pito and fermented wine, when consumed in moderation, can have several potential health benefits for the body. These benefits arise from the presence of certain compounds and antioxidants found in both pito and wine. 

However, the nutritionist cautioned that, while moderate pito and wine intake may have possible health benefits, excessive alcohol use can have negative health consequences, including an increased risk of addiction, liver damage, and other alcohol-related illnesses. He also advised consulting with a healthcare practitioner to evaluate what degree of wine drinking is suitable and safe for a person’s specific circumstances.

“Pito is good, but I don’t often say this because people will take it in a certain way,” he said. 

Pito, a popular traditional alcoholic beverage brewed in Ghana, continues to captivate locals and visitors alike with its unique flavours and cultural significance. This homegrown drink, derived from fermented grains such as millet or sorghum, holds a special place in Ghanaian traditions and social gatherings.

Pito brewing entails soaking the grains, malting, and fermenting the combination for several days. As a result, it produces a gently carbonated beverage with a characteristic tangy flavor and a low alcohol level, making it a popular choice among Ghanaians. Pito is frequently served in calabash gourds or clay pots, which adds to its rustic appeal.

Not only is pito cherished for its refreshing qualities, but it also holds cultural significance. It is deeply intertwined with various social occasions and rites of passage, including festivals, marriages, and funerals. The drink serves as a symbol of unity and community bonding, bringing people together to celebrate and share stories. Its cultural importance has kept the tradition of pito brewing alive for generations.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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