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Sirigu residents stage demonstration, demanding immediate Sirigu-Zorko bridge repair

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On Saturday, August 19th, 2023, the inhabitants of Sirigu, a community within the Kassena Nankana West District of the Upper East Region, took to the streets in a peaceful yet resolute demonstration. The purpose of their protest was to demand swift action in repairing a crucial bridge that has fallen into disrepair, adversely affecting their lives and businesses.

For a distressing span of four years, the residents have grappled with the deteriorating state of the bridge, which has imposed significant obstacles upon their daily routines and economic activities.

With placards with messages such as “Fix Our Bridge, Save Our Lives!” and “Isolated for Four Years, Enough is Enough!”, the demonstrators articulated their inability to tolerate further the hardships stemming from the dilapidated bridge.

In an address, Eden Akurigu, the Secretary to the Paramount Chief of Sirigu, highlighted the bridge’s pivotal role as a lifeline for the community. This vital artery has traditionally connected the locality to essential resources like healthcare facilities, markets, and educational institutions.

“Regrettably, the current state of the bridge prevents us from accessing these vital services. Pregnant women’s struggles to cross for healthcare are heartbreaking. Over the years, the bridge’s deterioration has eroded our access to these essential amenities,” Akurigu lamented.

Several residents, who also seized the opportunity to speak with the media during the demonstration, shared harrowing accounts of medical emergencies that tragically unfolded due to delayed access to healthcare facilities.

“Children have grappled to attend school, farmers wrestle with transporting their produce to markets, and once-thriving businesses have withered, inflicting economic hardship upon our community,” a concerned resident remarked.

Mathew Abangna, another resident, stressed, “Our community was once vibrant, but the past four years have brought our lives to a standstill. The bridge must be repaired, and it must happen without delay.”

The residents firmly believe that restoring the bridge would not only reconnect them with vital services but also ignite a renewed sense of hope for a brighter future. A future where their livelihoods can flourish and their businesses can regain their former vibrancy.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1 MHz|Moses Apiah|Ghana

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