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Don’t tax our periods – Young Urban Women Movement tells gov’t

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President of the Young Urban Women Movement, Miss Dorcas Zoogah has rebuked the government’s practice of imposing taxes on menstrual hygiene products. The call was made during a Press Statement convened by Movement of Youth Groups with support from the Power to Youth Programme.

The press statement highlighted the State of Adolescent Girls and Young Women in the Kassena Nankana West district of the Upper East region.

Miss Zoogah criticised the government’s imposition of a tax component on sanitary pads as a clear-cut testament to its failure in providing unwavering support to the female demographic.

“So, the government taxing us to buy pads because we are menstruating means the government has failed us already. I want to stress again that the Government has failed us by taxing our periods because it is not something that we want but it is something God has given us. Therefore, taxing our period means that God didn’t actually know what he was doing giving us that period. It’s like telling God to pay.”

Madam Zoogah further underscored the cultural and symbolic significance attached to menstruation within certain communities. She noted that mensuration was a natural occurrence which is seen as a sign of prosperity in some communities. She made this statement while highlighting the misalignment between the tax imposition and the revered symbolism of menstruation

“There is a saying in some communities that, if a child menstruates, it is a sign of good luck and prosperity in a community. It’s not something we wish for. It is a natural thing that is in us and you are taxing us to pay?”

Resolute in her stance, Miss Zoogah explained some proactive initiatives undertaken by her organisation to mitigate the predicament faced by young women which helps to alleviate the financial burden imposed by taxation.

“In our own capacity, we are training young people on the use of reusable sanitary pads.”

The discourse regarding the removal of taxes on menstrual products has gained paramount importance, spurred by the escalating prices of sanitary pads in the market. As societal awareness continues to mount, the sentiments expressed by Miss Dorcas Zoogah reflect a growing call for policy adjustments that prioritise the well-being and dignity of young women across the nation.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Gerard Awombadek Asagi|Ghana

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