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Physically challenged farmer appeals for means of transport for daily commute to farm

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Many people believe that individuals with disabilities are unable to perform tasks typically associated with able-bodied people. This, however, is not true. Some people with disabilities demonstrate great determination and dependability, and such is the story of Mrs. Dorcas Ndeogo, a physically challenged farmer.

Hailing from the Kugashiegu community in the Tempane district of the Upper East region, Mrs. Ndeogo does not view her long-term physical challenge as a barrier to traveling long distances to her farm to cultivate and provide for herself and her children. Despite her struggles to walk properly, she has been engaged in farming for over 35 years without her own means of transportation to and from her farm, which is located far from her community.

In an exclusive interview with A1 Radio’s David Azure, following the recognition from the Department of Food and Agriculture, together with the Tempane District Assembly, where she was awarded as the Best Physically Challenged Farmer in the district during this year’s Farmers’ celebration in Bolgatanga, Mrs. Ndeogo passionately appealed for a means of traveling that would enable her to reach her farm with less stress, given her situation.

The Best Physically Challenged Farmer expressed that, though her situation poses challenges, she still has a love for farming. She believes that with a little support from the government, individuals, organizations, and NGOs, her farming and petty trading activities can significantly improve.

“Because of my leg, I always find it difficult to get to my farm. Also, I cannot always do the work alone, so I have to pay people to help me with everything in my farm. The support I need from people is to help me with something like a motorbike so that I can use it to get to my farm and back home, enabling me to continue supporting my children’s needs,” she explained.

As a physically challenged farmer, Mrs. Dorcas Ndeogo cultivates maize, rice, soybeans, and tomatoes, among other crops. In addition to being recognized as the Best Physically Challenged Farmer, she received items such as a knapsack, a watering can, a pair of Wellington boots, and a cutlass.

The District Director of Agriculture for Tempane, Ibrahim Jamaldeen, commended Mrs. Ndeogo for her hard work, stating that she deserves the award. Mr. Jamaldeen acknowledged her efforts, considering her situation, and praised her vision and passion for farming over the years.

Source: A1Radioonline.Com|101.1MHZ|David Azure|Tempane|

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