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We can’t be the country always calculating our progression through football tournaments – Humul Khrusum Tahiru

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“We played as if nothing was at stake. We deserve what we got,” said Humul Khrusum Tahiru, a celebrated sports journalist with A1 Radio, referring to the Black Stars’ 2-2 draw against Mozambique in the final round of Group B matches in the 2023 AFCON. She made these comments during an appearance on A1 Radio’s Mark Smith on the Day Break Upper East Show.

According to Humul, part of the problems with the current setup may be managerial. “I will join the people who are calling for a change in the coach and maybe the entire technical team.”

If there is a change in the technical team, Humul advised that the new team be given time to build a new formidable Black Stars.

“When we get that technical team, what we have to do is give them some time. We should agree in principle that we would allow them some time to do the work well. We cannot go to tournaments and all the time be doing calculations. As of this morning, we are still doing calculations, waiting to see what would happen with Cameroon, Gambia, and others. Why? What wrong have we done to deserve this? Every tournament, we have to pick up our calculators, pens, and papers and be doing these types of calculations. We deserve better,” she argued.

Meanwhile, sports journalist and regular contributor to the Day Break Upper East Show, Pius Asack, has expressed heavy disappointment in the performance of the Black Stars at the 2023 African Cup of Nations.

Speaking to Mark Smith on the Day Break Upper East Show after the team’s disappointing 2-2 draw with Mozambique, Mr. Asack explained that he has continually been let down by the results obtained by the team.

“They are playing with our hearts too much. I am calling on more Ghanaians to lose interest in the Black Stars because they keep disappointing us. We then have to divert our interest to the female side. They are doing very well. As for the Black Stars, yesterday it was very disheartening.”

According to Mr. Asack, the problem with the Black Stars goes beyond the players of the team to management and, just maybe, some spiritual component.

“Yesterday, leading by two goals, even though they were not scored in open play, we were happy. We should have been able to defend those goals, but a blunder from our captain let us down. Our coach also had problems. Maybe we have to consider that there is a spiritual problem.”

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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