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Chris Asima: The driving force behind Offshore Events’ transformative impact

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Christopher Kevin Asima Awubila, popularly referred to as Chris, the mastermind behind Offshore Events, has been a pivotal figure in the event organization scene for years.

Before even establishing Offshore Events as a profit-making venture, Chris and his team were actively involved in hosting diverse events under their mother organization, Youth Network for Societal Transformation (YNEST).

The creation of the subsidiary, Offshore Events under YNEST, stemmed from the realization that the group’s expertise in event planning, marketing, and advertising could be channeled into a sustainable business model.

Under the umbrella of Offshore Events, Chris and his team have orchestrated a plethora of successful events, ranging from the Olympic Walk and Bolga Meets Navrongo to the Offshore Corporate Hangout and Bolga We Dey.

Despite their accomplishments, Chris acknowledges the challenges within the sector.

“One of the major challenges is the misconception of who we are. Most people don’t even know who we are, what we stand for and why we do what we do. They think because we are holding an event or organizing events, then we are event organizers and should be classified in the same bracket with everyone. No, we are not, and can’t be in that general bracket.

Do you know that Offshore Event is the first registered Modeling agency in the Upper East Region?” he said.

Chris continued to say, “We are an event marketing, planning, and PR company; we do travel and tour as well as project management. So, mostly you would see Offshore’s signature behind many different projects, yes, that’s because we are all those things.”

Chris shared stories of his challenges as part of running his organization.

“Let me give you a typical example. You have heard of BICAF, right, by Trade Aid. When did Trade Aid become an exhibition house? Do you know? They started as an IT firm, remember? What happened? We approached them way back to partner with us on our BASAFEST proposal. They, as an IT firm and were into proposal writing and those kinds of things, were to help us develop a proposal to get funding for our baby project. After sharing the full concept note, they wanted us to reconsider some issues that we said no to. One of them was the name of the event, and another one was the time of the year to hold it, and the last one was for us to charge for the exhibition stands, and we said no to all that.

Later, they came out with BICAF, and every single year they had to introduce something new to their event. Go and look at the BASAFEST proposal and when it was developed, and look back at these activities, and you would understand what we are talking about. But we are cool. We always find a way around to still do what we intend to do, even if it would take a long time and some few changes to the approach, we would still come out at our own time.”

When asked about stakeholder satisfaction, Chris emphasizes the significance of collective engagement and support, particularly in a region where event organizing presents unique challenges. Sponsorship hurdles and social media critiques add layers of complexity to their endeavors, but Chris remains resolute in safeguarding their core principles and values.

With a readiness to adapt and innovate, Chris navigates the dynamic landscape of event organizing with unwavering dedication. As he contemplates the future and potential ventures, Chris remains undeterred by uncertainties, viewing each undertaking as an opportunity for growth and impact.

“It’s Hell. And if you can survive it, trust me, you can make it through Hell and back.”

In the face of adversities that test their resolve, Chris stands as a beacon of resilience and creativity in the event organizing realm. His unwavering commitment to his craft and his community cements his position as a pioneer in event marketing and planning, setting a distinguished example for emerging event organizers to follow. With a robust portfolio of well-crafted events tailored to specific target audiences, Chris’s commitment to delivering impactful experiences remains unwavering.

Amidst the daunting challenges and uncertainties that come with the territory, Chris’s perseverance and passion shine through, underscoring his dedication to his craft. Balancing innovation with practicality, Chris remains a trailblazer in the realm of event marketing and planning, setting a high standard for excellence and integrity in the industry.

As he contemplates the future, Chris’s steadfast resolve and creative spirit serve as a testament to the transformative power of events and community engagement. With a legacy marked by resilience, innovation, and unwavering dedication, Chris stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring event organizers seeking to make a lasting impact in their communities.

In a wrap, Chris’s journey embodies the essence of perseverance, passion, and purpose in the realm of event organization. His unwavering commitment to excellence and community engagement sets a shining example for future generations of event organizers to follow, propelling the industry towards new heights of success and impact.

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