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Bolga be small town: Comedian Mubincky’s claim to fame

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Comedian and skit maker, Aminu Gunu Mubarik, better known as Mubincky, has been gaining attention with his fresh and original approach to comedy. His journey into the world of humor began during his school days, where he was known for his comedic talent and ability to uplift his classmates’ spirits.

“I was always a figure of entertainment to my class from JHS to SHS. I always cheered the class up whenever they were down. There was a day our physics teacher called me and had a conversation with me, and that was in 2014. In that conversation, he asked me if I knew Basket Mouth and Klint The Drunkard [Nigerian comedians]. I said no. He also asked me if I knew what stand-up comedy was. I answered no again. So he showed me what comedy is and advised me to go into comedy and learn about it after completing SHS. I actually forgot it after school because I didn’t see any comedians in the entertainment industry; it was only musicians, so how to start alone was a problem for me.”

“One day, another person also called me to talk to me about these same things in 2018. I told that person I already had a plan, but how to start it for people to get to know me was the problem, and he also advised me to start by doing short skits. That’s when I started doing skits in 2018,” he recounted.

Studying society and avoiding sensitive topics, Mubincky ensures his content is relevant and relatable to his audience. He draws inspiration from everyday incidents and observations. Mubincky carefully crafts his skits, ensuring his characters are well-prepared and the settings are suitable.

Embracing social media as a platform to reach his audience, Mubincky acknowledges the power of humor in addressing societal issues and connecting with the youth. He and his crew are currently working on a major project titled “Tamale in Bolga,” focusing on the similarities and differences between the two communities through comedy sketches.

“Well, most of the time, an idea comes to me automatically, and then I develop it by writing it down, but there are times I think about the idea and create the content, or even use an incident that occurred in my presence to create a concept. When that is done, I make sure I organize the particular things needed in the video before I go through the areas in town to get the particular location suitable for the video. Finally, I will inform my characters about it and deliver the scripts to them to prepare for the coming weekend. Our society is very mindful of many sensitive topics in every aspect, so because of that, I have always tried to avoid using certain topics in our skits. I may have shot some videos that have sex scenes in them in the past, but this time I have decided to take them out of our contents to avoid certain things. The majority of people in our society, especially the youth, love comics, and this enables humor personalities who are capable of addressing societal problems in their contents and promoting societal issues across society,” he said.

Despite his growing fame, Mubincky remains humble and admits to feeling overwhelmed by the attention he receives. The catchphrase “Bolga Be Small Town” has become synonymous with his work, resonating with the community and further solidifying his place in the entertainment industry.

“Well, for the term ‘Bolga Be Small Town,’ I already had it before I decided to use it in our skits, but already this is something everyone in this town agrees to. The people in the Bolga community know each other, and there are times when people have certain knowledge about you more than you think. But the first video I used it in is the one in which I approached a lady in a supermarket, and she started mentioning things about myself that I never believed anybody knew apart from me. And for the fame, it is something I am yet to get used to because sometimes I think it is bigger than myself! There are times some big men see me in town and call me in their big cars, and it shocks me. Sometimes you enter an office or a bank to do something, and they start calling you or saying, ‘Bolga be small town,’ and it makes me shy because it makes everyone turn to look at me, and I don’t know what to do or say when that happens. Though there are certain benefits I get from it.”

As Mubincky continues to make strides in the comedy scene, he remains committed to using his talent to bring joy and laughter to his audience while shedding light on important social issues.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1Mhz|Portia Dogbe|Bolgatanga|Ghana

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