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Create value for yourselves and the world – Students admonished

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A management member of Earl International Group Gold Ghana Limited, Garvin Wei, has admonished young people to create value for themselves in order to make a positive impact on the world.

According to him, although individual abilities are limited, there are opportunities for greater positive achievements and growth if individual efforts are consolidated for a common good.

Mr. Wei, an experienced Banking and Investment Analyst and a teaching assistant at the University of Southern California and Boston University, spent a day teaching and counseling students at the Bolgatanga Girls Senior High School in Bolgatanga, in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

In an interaction with the students, he noted that the changing world dynamics present both challenges and opportunities for young people to fully explore their potentials by creating value for themselves and being passionate about their chosen fields.

“The world is changing, so always be passionate about your field and stay on top of everything. Always challenge yourself to become better and stay competitive,” he advised.

Though born in China, Mr. Wei grew up in Canada and schooled in the United States, which has given him the opportunity to embrace cultural diversity in a manner that has helped him understand unfamiliar perspectives and become a better leader.

He therefore encouraged the students to embrace opportunities that expose them to cultural diversity and far-reaching perspectives in order to influence their growth and sharpen their leadership skills and abilities.

Mr. Wei said, “By being in a class so diverse, with people representing different countries, and working with people from different countries – for example, people from China, India, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Mexico, the UK, France, and many other countries – and understanding their perspectives, has helped me become a better leader. A great leader learns how to listen and learns how to bring people together.”

The outreach program at Bolgatanga Girls Senior High School was facilitated and supported by Earl International Group Gold Ghana Limited, where Mr. Wei shared valuable knowledge on business management and walked the students through a case study, giving them insight into new learning methods to help them easily comprehend complex business management concepts.

A cash donation of GHc 10,000 was made to the school to support the purchase of teaching and learning materials.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Bolgatanga

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