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Some members of GNAT at the May Day Parade

The Bolgatanga Municipal Coordinating Director, Abass Ketigwie Beacher has called on Public Sector workers to make efforts at avoiding ‘waste’, to benefit the District Assemblies and Government as a whole.

According to him, the Public Service is expected to work to improve the government’s output towards the citizenry, but then, care must also be taken so that, while working to enhance productivity, Public Sector institutions and workers are conscious of protecting resources available to them, in order to avoid wastage of public resources.

Mr. Beacher, made this call during his welcome address at this year’s May Day celebrations at the Jubilee Park in the Bolgatanga Municipality.

He mentioned some activities that lead to waste at Public Institutions as the poor handling of government vehicles by some officers, poor records keeping and management, poor financial management, late submission of withholding taxes to the Ghana Revenue Authority, deliberate misinformation on issues, low motivation and morale of workers, working lotto during working hours, trading in the corridors of offices, poor handling of furniture and many others.

In his view, these activities affect productivity and hinder the development and effectiveness of an institution.

Abass Ketigwie Beacher, called for the improvement of the Local Governance System, as well as encourage team work, improve compensations and incentives for workers and on periodic basis, encourage workers to be creative in executing their duties, to impress their clients and  to development of the Upper East Region and Ghana as a whole. Agame Prosper



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