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Social Media and Procrastination, which is the thief of time?

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Believe it or not, accept it or not, Social Media has come, and looks like it will stay for as long as society will allow it to stay.

In as much as Social Media looks like a “dangerous tool”, it is also a good tool, depending on who is using it, and how the person uses it and what the person wants to achieve with Social Media.

In recent time, it will be hard to come across an urban/city dweller who is not connected to Social Media or has been affected by Social Media.

There have been countless calls from persons who identify themselves as “concerned persons” who are worried about how Social Media has been used to spread false and alarming news and even in recent time, ethnocentric videos and audios are being spread around with Social Media, especially through WhatsApp and Facebook.

However some persons are also happy with the arrival of Social Media, because, it has created jobs for them, and has helped to boost business, in terms of reaching out to customers/clients.

But one angle that has been considered yet, is the time spent on Social Media. Some persons believe that, Social Media is the real thief of time and not procrastination, as we have always said and believed.

My dear reader, in your view, is Social Media really a thief of time? or still, procrastination is the thief of time.

One person who has benefited so much from the use of Social Media, (using it to spread information and hype his write-ups etc) is Joy FM’s Manasseh Azure Awuni, has joined the train, saying, Social Media is a thief of time.

He twittered with the handle @Manasseh_Awuni, “Social media, not procrastination, is now the actual thief of time. Beware!”.

It is not clear what he wants people to beware of, but from all indications, he is referring the unemployed youth, who spend hours engaging in useless activities, (watching every video, listening to every audio and reading every message) on Social Media on daily basis.

Or could it be that, he was referring to government, which seem to be sitting and watching Social Media grow without control?

Surprisingly, someone who followers Manasseh Azure Awuni on twitter, by name lyxto with twitter the handle @whyshy10 believes that, rather, it is Pastors who are the real thieves of time.

He/she(@whyshy10) responded to (@Manasseh_Awuni), “Ur Pastor is the thief of time. Tell him.”

Below is the twitter conversation:

Source:a1radioonline / 101.1MHz /Ghana

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