About 9,350 delegates will be voting for new national executives who will steer the affairs of the NDC towards the 2020 general elections at the Trade Fair center, La, on Saturday, 17th November, 2018.

Following the abysmal performance of the party in the 2016 general elections, this will yet be the first major decision delegates will have to make to either put their faith in old executives or do completely away with the old blood for new set of leaders.

This write-up seeks to predict those likely to win selected portfolios in the forthcoming national delegates’ congress.

The party has already elected its National Women’s organizer and Youth Organizer with their deputies which was rocked with massive allegations of vote buying and this introduced a new variable into this prediction: “resources”.



This is a position that will definitely have a new face heading into 2020 since Dr. Ebenezer Kofi Ofori Portophy has decided not to contest this position again. There are 5 strong and able candidates for this position and they are; Betty Mould Iddrisu, Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo, Alhaji Huudu Yahaya, Danny Annang and Dan Abodakpi.

The front runners for this position based the research by the author are Alhaji Hudu, Ofosu Ampofo and Abodakpi. It is worth knowing that Alhaji Hudu was once a general secretary of the party and also contested the chairmanship position in 2014 and mysteriously pulled out in the last hour. He is popularly said to be the cousin of the former president Mahama and this is something that can either play to his advantage or hunt his chances.

Samuel Ofosu Ampofo is someone well known in Ghanaian politics and someone who knows how to win elections. He is a former DCE, MP, Minister, Organizer of the party and the current first vice chair of the party which he won heavily. Ampofo was the director of elections for the party in the 2016 elections which happened to be his Achilles heel heading into this congress.

Dan Abodakpi is also an individual with lots of experience in politics having been in parliament for 16 years representing the people of Keta. He has been a minister, an ambassador and a high commissioner. He has been in the party for a long time and have strong ties with the party’s founder, Rawlings. He is also someone who has gone round the length and breadth of the country. His message is also going down well to the delegates.

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These are 3 very strong candidates with lots of influence within the party, Hudu and Ampofo have a lot of resources but Abodakpi has a greater appeal to the delegates. Ampofo will definitely be haunted by happenings of the 2016 elections and this is a dark cloud over his head. Hudu will also have to be able to change the Mahama and Northerner tag to his favor since the party will not like to have a leadership with only northerners.

Juxtaposing the facts outlined, and the fact that for a very long time, this position has been won by people from the party’s “world bank”, Volta region, I predict Dan Abodakpi to win the NDC chairmanship position come Saturday the 17th.


This position has over the years been the most important position in the NDC. The position is being contested by 2 individuals known as a master and his apprentice; Johnson Asiedu Nketiah and Samuel Koku Sitsofo Anyidoho. The once sweet relationship has turned sore after Anyidoho publicly said he had blessings from general Mosquito to contest the position which Mosquito said was not going to contest again. This happened not to be the case and has led to a big friction between the 2. The two and their allies have publicly taken each other to the gutters.

Mosquito is well experienced and is noted to have brought the party back to power from opposition during the 2008 election that saw Prof Mills (RIP) defeat NADAA in a round off. He is very popular and very likable within and outside the party.

Anyidoho who is currently a deputy general secretary has risen through the ranks to get to where he is today. He was a very vocal person within the NDC leading to the 2016 defeat and his popular chant to party supporters” comfortable lead” when clearly the party was losing. Again, he was in the news this year when he was invited by the CID and his home searched for his comments on radio that president NADAA will suffer the same fate his father suffered.

Looking at the two candidates, I predict that Johnson Asiedu Nketiah (General Mosquito) will retain the position as the general secretary of the party.
Although some quarters believe this is just an avenue for Anyidoho to ‘test the waters’, I predict this congress will be the ending story of Mr. Koku Anyidoho in politics.

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This position is one of the tricky positions to predict because it is made up of people who have lots of experience with delegates. It is being contested by 7 people and they are: Mahdi Gibrill, Akamba Joshua Hamidu, Jemima Anita De- Sosoo, Yaw Boateng Gyan, Baba Jamal Ahmed, Enoch Amoako- Nsiah and Solomon Yaw Nkansah.

Gyan has been an organizer of the party for 8 years and lost in 2014 to Kofi Adams. Anita De-sosoo is a current national vice chairman and Akamba and Gibril the current deputy organizers. Baba Jamal was also a deputy minister in the past NDC government and lost the Akwatia seat to the NPP’s candidate in the 2016 elections. Solomon Yaw Nkansah is also currently the National communications director of the NDC. Last but not least is Amoako-Nsiah Enoch who happens to be a new face to mainstream politics.

This is also a 3 horse race between Akamba, Jamal and Gyan. Gyan, although very known in this portfolio will be well hunted by his age. In recent years, the position of National organizer has been seen as a post that should go to an individual who is very vibrant and can corm the length and breadth of the country and marshal for support and this will be to the disadvantage of Jamal and Gyan. Jamal also did not leave a good record at Akwatia and questions will be asked if he was not able to win his seat at Akwatia how can he win the national election?

Akamba on the other hand has recently soared into the limelight of the party following what happened at Garu Tempane SHS during the visit of Ex-president Mahama. He is also known to belong to the Mahama camp.

Based on the Facts given, Akamba is predicted to win the National Organizer position. Attention should however be paid to the other 2.


Communications Officer- Sammy Gyamfi
Deputy Communications Officer- Kwaku Boahen
Deputy General Secretary- Alhaji Nuru Hamidan and Barbara Serwaa Asamoah. George Lawson the incumbent also has a chance of winning.
National Vice Chairman- Sherry Ayittey, Yaw Owusu Obimpeh





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