Chartered Economist, Dr. Ebenezar Ashley has pegged the performance of the NPP government above 70% explaining that it has been able to achieve most of it’s promises made to Ghanaians.

In an interview on Daybreak Upper East , Dr Ashley said he was impressed by the management of the economy despite the negative critiques by external financial institutions.

According to him ,such reports are targeted at achieving their interests hence ,should not be absorbed hook line sinker by Ghanaians.

Dr. Ashley who was sharing his independent views on the Ghanaian economy following a public results fare a Chief by Vice President Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia indicated that though the managers of the economy at certain times engage in political economics and figures dabbling to suit their agenda ,the microeconomic indicators are pointing to a positive direction.

He therefore urged government to continue to work harder to either maintain or raise the economic outlook in order to improve the livelihood of Ghanaians.

He has however , called on Ghanaians to go beyond analyzing the state of the economy on figures churn out by politicians to measure the economic development and look at the reality on the ground.

“One of the economics heading the African Development Bank did indicate that we don’t eat GDP and I actually stated that we eat GDP. What we need to look at to see if indeed our leadership is performing or not we can look at some GDP indicators , the Microeconomic indicators like inflationary deflation” He said.|101.1MHZ|Ghana



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