The ignorance of some political “errand boys” in the media space is worrying- GJA Chairman


Journalists in Ghana have been encouraged to be firm and insist on fighting against injustice in the system despite the challenges that come with the job.

The global threats media practitioners face in their line of duty have been attacks in various forms from unscrupulous persons in society who seek to achieve a particular agenda.

In extreme circumstances, Journalists have been murdered in cold blood while, others have been jailed for news reported in the media space. This has reflected in world press freedom rankings and has triggered a global worry on how to if not end the menace, reduce it.

But Upper East Regional Chairman of the Ghana Journalists Association(GJA) Eric Amoh,has indicated that recorded incidents of media attacks in Ghana have been politically motivated.

“Most of the attacks ,they are just politically motivated even where the police attacks a Journalist,it is politically motivated”He said.

Mr. Amoh has therefore called on Journalists to be security conscious in their dealings especially with politicians.He spoke in an interview on Daybreak Upper East with Samuel Mbura.

“So we just have to be careful  in our dealings mostly especially where it involves politicians. I’ve said over and over that look,you only have to live your life as a Journalist in order to save other people’s lives and so no matter the decision  and plans of politicians to come and bring your work into disrepute you as a Journalist will have to protect yourself, you have to protect your image ,you have to insist on the things you thing that are good  and then move ahead” he added.

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The GJA however bemoaned the growing trend of media space given to uniformed political representation on the airwaves who tend to even behave as if they knew the tenets of Journalism than the Journalists.

“Our society has become so porous with politics such that at a point even people we allow to speak on air representing  politicians think that they know the work we do” he noted.|101.1MHZ|Ghana




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