Upper East Regional Minister and NPP Parliamentary candidate elect for the Navrongo Central Constituency ,Tangoba Abayage has vowed to make the region uncomfortable and ungovernable for the opposition National Democratic Congress and it’s Flag Bearer,John Dramani Mahama.

According to her , the 2020 general elections will be very tough for the NDC because, the NPP was ever ready to sweep all seats in the region.

She said that the notion and complacency of the NDC Members that the region was a safe haven for them will be demystified in the upcoming elections.

She noted that the long standing view that the region was an NDC stronghold has been flawed and baseless because, the PNC was the most popular party accepted by the region until the NDC took advantage of it.

Madam Tangoba made this statement on A1 Radio in an interview with Samuel Mbura.

Madam Abayage’s assertion was in rebuttal to claim by Parliamentary candidate of the NDC in the Navrongo Central Constituency, Samson Tangombu that she cannot win the December polls over him to become the Member of Parliament for the area.

He further stressed that winning the Navrongo Central seat was a fine deal for the NDC with Madam Tangoba as Parliamentary Candidate for NDC.

This was contained in Samson Tangombu Chiragia’s congratulatory message to the newly elected NPP parliamentary candidate for Navrongo Central.

But Madam Tangombu laughed off this assertion by the NDC and noted that the December polls will put the matter to rest hence,the NDC should be ready for a tsunami in the elections.

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In her submission she said, “NDC has ridden on the back of PNC to get to where they are currently” making reference to the fact that the first members of parliament where from the PNC which she mentioned former member of parliament for Bolgatnga Constituency , David Apasera , and the then MP for Navrongo central all emerging from the PNC.

She further mentioned that as at 1996 the vibrancy of the NPP in the region was not felt as compared to the PNC before NDC took advantage over their extinction from the seats.

She therefore assured that the NPP will not rest on it’s odds but work assiduously to salvage the region from the undeserving hands of the NDC.





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