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I think Ghanaian women in politics are wasting their time – PNC General Secretary 

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The General Secretary of the Peoples National Convention (PNC) and a gender ambassador, Janet Asana Nabla has advised female Ghanaian politicians to be cautious and strategic in dealing with their political party leaders and members.

According to her, Ghanaian male politicians don’t seem to trust the capabilities of women politicians, no matter their academic, social or political qualifications. She believes that the male political party leaders only use female politicians to gain political power and will never consider these women when it comes to political appointments.

“… they only consider their colleague men to occupy positions.” She told A1radioonline.com in an interview in Bolgatanga.

Madam Asana made this statement in reaction to President Akufo-Addo’s ministerial nomination list presented to Parliament for vetting, which she said did not consider gender balance.

“I just want to tell the women of Ghana, from NDC, NPP, PNC, and PPP that you are wasting your time in your parties. They don’t even care who you are. When it comes to politics and campaigns, they will come and ask you to carry benches, they will tell you to prepare food for them. That is all that they see about you. When it comes to appointment, they will call their colleague men and share the appointment with them without caring about you”

The PNC General Secretary has admonished her colleague female politicians to question their various political parties as to why the Affirmative Action Bill, which seeks to protect women in Ghana has been rotting in parliament and not being passed into law by successive governments.

“It is time for you to hold your political parties responsible; ask them why they are not passing the Affirmative Action Bill into law. It has been in Parliament for a long time and it’s supposed to protect you the woman and your unborn children. Ask your party why they are doing that.”

Madam Janet Asana Nabla added that, for Ghanaian women to be suffering in politics without gains baffles her mind and always beats her imagination, considering the fact that the Voters Register of Ghana contains more women than men, which means women have the power to determine who leads the country at a particular time and therefore should not be left to struggle for political positions.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|David Azure|Ghana

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