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Supreme Court ruling: EC only exists in name Mahama alleges

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In spite of accepting the verdict of the Supreme Court on the 2020 presidential election’s petition, Former John Mahama has made a U-statement that said that the ruling cast doubts on the independence of the Electoral Commission.

According to the former President, the much-touted independence of our Electoral Commission exists only in name hence Ghanaians should begin to worry.

He said “ In the parliamentary elections clearly NDC won the majority of seats but through devious manipulations and connivance by officials of the Electoral Commission a number of the seats were illegally declared for the NPP. In some instances, the manipulation was so glaring and brazen that a simple intervention by the leadership of the Electoral Commission as it has been done by previous commissioners could have addressed the issues and righted the wrongs to make court actions completely unnecessary.”

Mr. Mahama who spoke at the NDC’s headquarter in Accra after the verdict of the Supreme Court stressed that the current Electoral Commission chairperson does not inspire confidence amongst Ghanaians hence must not remain in office.

“…this Commission has absolutely no reason to continue to remain in the office this is because the Electoral Commission must remain a neutral arbiter and organize its elections free and fairly. The Electoral Commission must not have a vested interest in the dubious victory of one party over another the loyalty of the Electoral Commission must only account to the people of Ghana and the constitution from which it derives its mandate and not the president or party under whose tenure the leadership is appointed.”

Source: a1radioonline.com|101.1 MHz|Ghana

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