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My inability to address some Constituents’ personal needs partly accounted for my loss – Boniface Gambilla

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The former Member of Parliament for Nabdam Constituency and Ghana Ambassador to Burkina Faso has attributed his loss in the 2020 parliamentary election in the Nabdam Constituency to the selective assistance he offered based on critical and priority needs of some Constituents which left others disappointed.

According to him, he needed to address the more pressing and important issues than the less important ones among his Constituents due to the scanty resources.

Speaking on ‘Day Break Upper East’ program on A1 Radio, the Ambassador to Burkina Faso said “You won’t believe somebody would say I should come and dowry his wife for him when others want to go to school. You have to set your priorities right. Somebody would say they have a program and they want me to come and do ‘thank you party’ for them. And you have an envelope of money which can do the ‘thank you party’.”

“But here is the case there are young people saying they have been admitted to the nursing colleges and Senior High Schools and they don’t have money to go. Or their relative is at the hospital and they need to pay. Now you have to weigh at that time wether to do the ‘thank you party’. You take the risk of your future Elections or you help the young ones for school. He added.

He said, “And me personally I would help the students to settle fees. [That’s more pressing]. You can’t serve everybody, and this happens everywhere”.

However, he believes this painted a negative picture about him and as a result created the division among party folks in the Constituency.

Boniface was once a Member of Parliament for the Nabdam Constituency and the Regional Minister for the Upper East Region.

Currently he has been appointed by President Akufo-Addo as Ghana’s ambassador to Burkina-Faso.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHZ| James Nana Tsiquaye|Ghana

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