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UTAG strike: Student leadership has failed miserably – Educationist

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Nii Armah Addy, an Educationist has expressed utter disappointment in the silence of students leadership in the ongoing UTAG strike that is in its 6th week. Mr. Addy opined that should the leadership of the students, lead the students to demonstrate and inform the government about their plight, the government would be forced to listen.

Speaking on A1 Radio’s Day Break Upper East, Mr. Addy described as unfortunate the situation where students have been cowed into silence because their leaders have failed to act as leaders. He recalled that in previous years, students were able to stand their ground, rally support and compel the government to take decisions that inure to their [the students] benefit. The situation, he said, it not the same anymore.

The Educationist said the over politicisation of students politics makes it such that the student leaders can no longer speak from an objective or unbiased point of view.

“There has been a lot of political infiltration into the university. That is what has brought us to where we are. The university students leadership is no longer independent. In the past, when university students rise up, the whole place shakes. Remember the ‘mobrowa’ struggles? It is no joke, it puts the whole country on its toes. A lot of politics has gone into the universities”.

“Even if you have student leadership elections, you will find various political parties heavily involved and they influence what the leadership is and therefore, the leadership is not able to stand strong and be counted as we have seen in the past,” he explained.

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Meanwhile, Education and Management Expert, Nii Armah Addy has said that while unfortunate, students and their parents or guardians would have to continue to bear the brunt of the ongoing strike.

Mr. Addy, speaking on A1 Radio’s Day Break Upper East, opined that so far as schools continue to remain open and the relevant stakeholders required to end the strike by UTAG fail to do so, parents and students would have to spend meagre resources in school doing nothing.

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