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Governments have been extremely lazy – Yen Nyeya

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Successive Ghanaian governments have been described as extremely lazy. This is because of their continuous lack of ingenuity in solving the many problems that persist in the country. The governments have been noted for their lackadaisical approach to resolving the problems Ghanaians face on a daily basis.

Yen Nyeya, a member of the Social Justice Movement said this when he spoke on A1 Radio’s Day Break Upper East.

He made the comments when answering questions about the government’s attempt at raising revenues internally, through the controversial Electronic Transfer Levy (E-levy).

Mr Nyeya explained that if the government really wanted to raise revenues, there were more practical ways to raise bigger amounts than the paltry Ghc4.5bn estimated for the E-levy.

“Our various governments are extremely lazy when it comes to finding opportunities on how to be able to generate income and manage the economy. We can talk about Ghana Telecom. President Kufuor sold our telecommunications network to Vodafone for nothing. That could have earned us a lot of money. The various governments have been extremely lazy.”

“There are other opportunities that they could use to generate income. We are in the Upper East Region; take the case of Cardinal Resources; the mining company in Talensi. After they were done prospecting, they sold the company for Ghc386million USD to Shangdong Gold. Could you have imagined if the government was involved in the prospecting with Cardinal Resources? We would have shared 50-50. So if we had sold it to Shangdong, Ghana would have benefitted,” he explained.

Mr Nyeya went on to say that Shangdong had estimated that in 14 years, the company is expected to make some Ghc7 billion; money the government could have benefitted from hugely if they had put strategic thought into it.

My Nyeya called for government to begin critically assessing alternatives that would bring in huge amounts of money and not the paltry sums that are got by burdening the taxpayers.

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In a related development, the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has explained why the implementation of the Electronic Transaction Levy (E-levy) on May 1, did not pan out as expected.

On Sunday, some mobile money users who tried using the platform realized that they were being charged the E-levy on transfers even below the stipulated baseline of GH¢100.

Speaking on JoyNews’ AM Show on Monday, the Head of Project Management at GRA revealed that the challenge faced yesterday was as a result of the lack of a connected platform that would host the various charging entities.

Mr Isaac Kobina Amoako noted that currently, the charging entities; Telcos, Banks, Payment Service Providers (PSPs) and Specialized deposits.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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