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Stop interfering in health matters- NGOs in Health to politicians

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The Regional Secretary of the Coalition of NGOs in Health in the Upper East Region has sent a caution to political actors to stop interfering in health matters in the region.

The act, he says, has affected quality healthcare delivery in the region for far too long.

According to him, politicians call on health directors to ask for transfers for certain health professionals posing grave risks to residents in the region.

Mr Anamoo made the call at a stakeholder engagement organized by A1 Radio.

“…there’s something that many of you will not like to talk about. The issue of political interference is too much in the system. In fact, posting, and signing bonds, people find their way out. It is practical. Imagine you have signed a bond to go and top up and come, but because you know politician A or B, after topping up, you will call them to ask for the favour for you which they too will call the director of the day and tell him/her that due to ABC, DR this or that can’t return. You see, these are, but the numerous issues facing the region. How do we achieve quality healthcare delivery when persistently we have to deal with these cankers?”

The cankers, the Secretary noted can only be fought if stakeholders including the media begin naming and shaming politicians and persons who involve in such practices in the region.

“The only way out is for us to begin calling them out if we find one. Yes, if we can partner with the media and other bodies and agree that enough is enough then and only then, we can see the light of the day in terms of quality healthcare delivery in the region.”

The forum aimed at bringing stakeholders in health in the Upper East Region together to find lasting solutions to the pressing challenges in the health sector.

Meanwhile, the Upper East Regional Chairman of the Ghana Physician Assistant Association (GPAA), Peter Ayamba has lamented that low investment by successive governments has deteriorated the health sector, especially in the Upper East Region.

According to Mr Ayamba, successive governments have only paid lip service to improve the health facilities including health professionals in the country hence the results, “we are having today”.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1 MHz|Moses Apiah|Bolgatanga|Ghana

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