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I’m neither disturbed nor disoriented by current happenings – Peter Ayimbisa

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Mr. Peter Ayimbisa has stated that he’s neither disturbed let alone disoriented by the posture of the aggrieved communicators of the New Patriotic Party in the region.

He also indicated that he’s firm and strong to deliver on the mandate of his appointment which is to develop a new communication strategy for the party in the region.

In an interview monitored by this website on Bolgatanga-based Dreamz FM on Wednesday, 27th July, 2022, the Regional Communications Director of the NPP mentioned that, he is prepared to forge ahead to develop plans and strategies with the communication wing of the party he represents.

“…and moving forward together with the communications team, the old or the new or the communications team, we are going to develop a new strategy for this party in this region. …am not disturbed at all, let alone to be disoriented. I am in full gear. I’m still strong, firm and I believe that the plans that I had I still have those plans as we resume work.”

Mr. Ayimbisa further noted that he’s going to come out with a different strategy to change the face of communication by the NPP in the region. According to him, communication isn’t about being on the radio continually but being able to curve out strategies and plans that will sell the party and its achievements.

“…we would sit round the table and see what we can do. I am bringing a different style to the communications wing. I’m not going to be that type of person who is going to appear on radio every day. I believe that not to be communication. Communication is not all about your appearance on radio or TV everyday talking. It is about sitting round the drawing table, coming out with a strategy and plans that will be able to sell out the party and the government.”

The Communications Director further lamented that though the government and party had been instrumental in the development of the region, communicators are unable to point out the various developmental interventions to the citizens. He said he will adopt the evidence-based communication strategy which will show people what has been actually loans collected by the government.

“As a government, we have not been able to sell out our achievements. Look, you have people who will go and sit on radio or who go and sit on national television and the NDC will say that you have taken so much loans, what do you have to show? And we sit like this and fold our arms, we don’t have much to show. That means that we have not told the Ghanaian people what we have used the loans we have borrowed to do. So I am bringing that touch, that physical contact so that you can easily see. Not only all the time we hear but we should be able to see what government has done and we are going to do this across the entire region.”

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Gerard Awombadek Asagi|Ghana

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