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UE: Ghanaian youth only interested in quick money – Dansyn ISO CEO

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Chief Executive Officer of Dansyn Innovation Social Organization (ISO), Daniel Nang has observed that even though the Ghanaian youth are keen to take up new opportunities, they lack patience in their quest to make money.

Mr. Nang added that due to the eagerness of the youth to get money quickly, some end up failing to succeed in areas they have ventured into or are venturing into.

“I think young people are ready to face life, but what I have experienced is the fact that they are looking for easy ways and ways that they can make money very quickly. As you groom them to build themselves up, and that will take some time preparing the grounds, they tend to be discouraged.”

The CEO of Dansyn was speaking in connection with International Youth Day which is celebrated annually on August 12. Dansyn ISO is a non-for-profit technology-driven hub in the Upper East Region with an interest in the welfare of the youth.

Mr. Nang recalled how some youth who passed through a series of training organized by his outfit were always eager to get funding without necessarily acquiring the skills.

Aside the lack of jobs in the country to meet the growing unemployed situation, he said some youth lack the right credentials such as proper curriculum vitae to meet the job market.

“You will see a lot of graduates roaming looking for jobs but when you call for application, you will see the problems that face them. For example, even how to put up a CV properly to get a job is a problem. I have been opening applications, you can receive like 200 applications but only 10 of them [applicants] may be qualified to be called for an interview. So, when you see people crying, we are looking for jobs and we are not finding jobs, some of them are not actually prepared for jobs”, he added.

He has therefore encouraged the youth to be patient and search for greener pastures that are sustainable instead of trying to find shortcuts to become wealthy in the blink of an eye.
As the world is fast evolving toward digital technology, Mr. Nang admonished the youth to embrace digital technology by inculcating digital skills into their entrepreneurial skills for their businesses to flourish.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1Mhz|Joshua Asaah|Ghana

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