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Givers of Life Foundation launched to support vulnerable persons in Upper East Region

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Givers of Life Foundation (GOLF), a non-governmental and non-denominational organization that started in the United State of America in 2021 with a branch in Ghana has inaugurated its Upper East Regional branch.

GOLF aims at supporting less privileged persons in the region.

GOLF would identify and empower underprivileged persons in communities, provide them with basic livelihood support systems, promotes peace, love and reconciliation as well as prevents child labour and trafficking.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony in Bolgatanga; the Upper East Regional capital, Abigail Habiba Ali Musah, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Givers of Life Foundation said that she has found the need to support vulnerable and less-privileged persons in society after going through turmoil in her early days.

She explained while growing up, her father used to support persons in need. The reason for her father’s support of others remained a mystery to her until she grew. Once she grew up, she realized the need for persons with resources to support those without any.

According to the CEO, vulnerable people within the communities should not be ignored but rather be given the maximum support and attention in order to put smiles on their faces.

“When I travelled there [USA], I worked so hard and I remembered my past. I remembered my friends and everybody I used to work with, how we used to suffer even to get ‘shito’ to go to school. Also, even to get gari to eat/ [But now], I have food, [I have] everything [but] what about my brother at home? What about my sister at home?”

“Every night I cried on my bed and prayed to God to help me; to bless me and link me to my destiny helpers so that I can come back home and help the needy; to help the underprivileged and put a smile on somebody’s face.”

“What I have gone through in life, somebody should not go through the same thing in life. They should be happy. That really motivated me to start the Givers of Life Foundation.”

The Foundation is expected to present, in the coming days, a comprehensive plan to support needy persons to enhance their socio-economic status.

The Ghana Patron of the Givers of Life Foundation, Peter Yenube Laary said, for society to grow, it is essential to support people who are less privileged.

Source:A1Radioonline.Com|101.1MHZ|David Azure |Bolgatanga|

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