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All year round farming can help stabilize food prices – Agricultural Consultant to gov’t

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Emmanuel Wullo Wullingdool, an Agricultural Policy Consultant has admonished the government to put the right infrastructure in place that would ensure all year round farming in order to minimize the prices of foodstuffs in the country.

The prices of food in Ghana keep increasing and have become a major concern for many in the country.

Speaking on A1Radio’s Day Break Upper East Show, Mr Wullingdool noted that with the right structures in place, farmers will be able to farm all year round.

“Some of the things that we consume are perishable, others are nonperishable. So for the perishable food like vegetables and even some of the grains, I believe that with the right structures in place we should be able to do an all year round production.”

He says Ghana is blessed with a lot of water bodies that can facilitate all year round farming if the right structures are in place.

“We can relook at our policy around irrigation; it is possible to have an all year round production that can contribute to ensure that prices remain fairly stable”.

Mr Wullingdool explained that the prices of some products are going up because of the seasonality of the products. He suggests that government can resource the National Buffer Stock Company to store some of these products and offload to the market as and when prices are going up.

“We can introduce the hybrid system in our food distribution. In this case, we would have the government coming in to complement what the market women and the market men are doing. If you take the various regions it is possible for government to empower and resource the National Buffer Stock Company so that they can have some kind of storage points where food could be stored there and offloaded on to the market as and when the prices are going up to ensure that there is that stability of the price”.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Osuman Kaapore Tahiru|Ghana

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