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Disunity, over politicisation of issues leading to under development of Upper East Region

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Gabriel Agambilla a native of the Bolga-Soe community in the Upper East Region based abroad has expressed worry over the continuous disunity and politicisation of major developmental issues in the Upper East Region. This, in Mr. Agambilla’s opinion is leading to under development in the region. 

“People in the region play too much petty politics. Successive governments have come and gone and will continue to come and go. But the region will be there forever. So, if you people don’t focus on how you can come together to develop the place by demanding what is right for the region from the politicians, then we will continue to be where we are now.”

“What can we pinpoint in the region and say yes, we are proud to have that. Just look around! We need to bury the ideology of I belong to party ABC and concentrate on the development needs of the region. Let us unite for a common goal,” he said.

Mr. Agambilla spoke in an exclusive interview with our reporter Moses Apiah about the recent interethnic disturbances in the region and the need for the indigenes to unite for growth. 

According to him, growth can only come when the people are united in devoid tribal conflicts. 

“No one would like to come and stay in a conflict zone or establish a company there. So, all that I’m asking for is that various groups should stop fighting and rally for development”, he added. 

He further called on various pressure groups and their leaders in the region to begin drafting objectives that will focus on projecting “how and why” the region must develop devoid of petty politics. 

“…all I can say is that leadership from the various associations in the region should stay away from petty politics and its associates, and fight for the common course of the region. They need to be united and focus their ideologies on how and why the region should or must develop.”

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1 MHz|Moses Apiah|Ghana


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